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Why Do We Love What We Do?


Born and raised in the Algarve, our guide leader, Tiago Duarte, traveled in motorcycles (motorent) since he was a child all over Portugal and specifically the Algarve region.

After discovering fantastic natural and cultural beauties, secret beaches and roads with perfect curves decided to found the tour company algarveXplorers, to give other people the opportunity to get to know his favorite land and landscapes by driving motorcycles, scooters or bicycles.

RNAAT nº 1145/2018

Meet Our Team

Tiago Duarte
Tiago DuarteCEO & Tourist Guide
Born and raised in the Algarve. After traveled in motorcycles since he was a child all over Portugal he decided to found the tour company algarveXplorers.
Luis Duarte
Luis DuarteMotorent CEO
Since childhood everything he dreamed of was riding a motorcycle. He founded Motorent in 1985 and since then has been living the dream.
Carmélia Rosa
Carmélia RosaScooters & Bikes CEO
Fun, well disposed and adventurous so we can characterize it.
Always available to help customers with a smile, having 30 years of experience.


Portimão is a Portuguese city, situated on the southern coast of the Algarve, with the city center located only 2 km away from the sea.

On the south it is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and on the north it touches the tallest mountain in Algarve, with the highest point located 902m high, in Fóia.

It is possible to find important historical remains, such as a Neolithic necropolis, an archaeological station and a Roman cistern, and several archaeological finds that were found in the bottom of the river Arade and that at the moment they are in exhibition in the museum of Portimão (constructed in an old factory of canned fish).

It once had one of the major fish industries in Portugal, with dozens of factories that were the main source of income for the population until the 1970s.

Nowadays its biggest attractions are the climate, the natural beauty of the region with beaches known worldwide, shopping centers and the famous nightlife.

The warm and sunny weather is great for riding a bicycle, scooter or motorbike, to avoiding traffic queues and the difficulty of parking.

So you can visit its beaches, cliffs and discover the most hidden restaurants where you find fresh and delicious fish.


Lagos is a Portuguese city, located in the western part of the Algarve.

On the south is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and is near the “end” of Europe, Sagres, where you can watch the most beautiful sunsets.

Lagos is historically linked to the Portuguese Discoveries, being today one of the most attractive tourist centers of the Algarve, with beaches and exceptional heritage and a lively nightlife.

The historic center is practically all pedestrian, offering a wide range of shops, restaurants, bars or cafes.

With the constant investment in increasing and improving tourism, Lagos now attracts people from all continents, whether for living or for a holiday destination.

The beautiful beaches, such as the Dona Ana beach that was once considered the most beautiful beach in the world, the unique caves that have been excavated through the ages by thousands of waves and their green waters, attract thousands of tourists every year.

It is the perfect place to take a tour and discover the most beautiful places of Lagos!


Carvoeiro, is also known as Praia do Carvoeiro, and is a village belonging to the municipality of Lagoa.

With an ancient history, this small fishing village has been growing in recent years thanks to tourism. Located 5 km from the city of Lagoa, the village of Carvoeiro offers a group of small beaches cut by the rocky cliffs, with clear waters and fine sand, forming paradisaical places that become suitable for residential tourism that has grown in recent times.

According to historical sources, the current name derives from the word “Caboiere”, old place of fishermen of Arab-medieval origin.

Fishing has long been the livelihood and breadwinner of these lonely places.

As with other Algarvian lands, Carvoeiro has also followed the expansion of the canning industry, responsible for the generation of innumerable jobs and wealth.

However, from the 60’s, the excellent natural conditions, allowed the tourist outbreak and at the same time the development of other activities.

The solitary stopped and have become agitated, attractive, full of people from the most varied countries that on vacation or in business are flocking more and more.

Joins us on a guided tour and discover the real Carvoeiro by bike or scooter.

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